The F Word and Your Blog

The Fun factor (hey what did you think I was referring to!?) cannot be overlooked when it comes to your online business. Without fun you will slowly run out of that seemingly endless energy that got you this far in the first place. For some people, the fun of marketing is solely making money, but we all know how fate can twist our arm and leave us hurting for cash at times. The secret to success is maintaining that super high level of energy that makes us feel like we aren’t really working per se even if we are putting in eighty hour weeks. The secret is fun.

What happens when your blog isn’t fun? It becomes stale, a chore and boring. Even though I was making (still am making a similar amount) 10k+ per month on my gaming blog, I was no longer having fun with the game it focused on. Without that fun factor, suddenly those hours of post writing, playing the game for ideas and reading hundreds of emails a day just felt like real work instead. Gone was the passion for the game that led to my success, and so, I realized it was time to find a new site to focus my attention on or lose the fun factor. Thus, The Traffic Blogger was born.

In order to maintain the fun factor, I need to be continuously challenging myself and creating new content, coming up with new ideas, writing new books and keeping a fresh outlook on the business of driving traffic to websites. Part of this process involves the creation of additional resources for the communities I try to develop online. Examples of extra materials you can construct are:


A forum is much easier to set up than you think. Especially a phpbb3-4 forum, which simply requires that you unzip all the files onto your server and then you can use the admin control panel to make additional changes. Finding admins is as easy as setting up the place! All you have to do is ask members who seem the most interested in the forum to run it and 9 times out of 10 they will say yes. You get active admins and less spam, they get recognition and a higher standing in the community you are developing around your blog. It’s a win/win!


Having a podcast is great because you get access to an audience who wants to do nothing but listen to what you have to say. No boring reading or watching of videos, instead, your audience is captivated simply by listening to what you have to say. These listeners are often your most die hard fans, even moreso than readers of your blog and subscribers to your forum.

Social Media Groups

Social groups on Facebook and lists on twitter can lead to tons of fun as well as traffic for your site. These aren’t hard to set up and even easier to get people to visit. All you have to do is share the information of high profile writers in your niche and you have a group or list worth reading.

Do you keep the fun factor alive on your blog? How?

Chris aka “Markco Polo,” writes daily for The Traffic Blogger [http://www.t

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Children and Blogging Part 2: Starting Them Young

Blogging can induce a sense of responsibility. You need to inform your child that blogging is not just putting random words on a computer screen. There are certain rules to blogging such as updating on a consistent basis, posting new content daily, and answering reader’s questions just to name a few.

Blogging is a way for children to communicate with friends and family. The day of the letter and postage stamp has long gone due to Email, social networking sites, and blogs. This will get them in the habit of talking to people that exist outside the four walls of their home. They also have a better chance of remembering family and friends’ birthdays, anniversaries, or special events. Although getting a birthday card in the mail is always nice, if they are talking via their blog or Email at least they are communicating. They can also get information on current events, local events, or updates on their favorite pastime such as movies or games.

Blogging can help a child think outside the box. Creativity is one of the most amazing things about children. They see the world through more innocent eyes. They have not yet become jaded by the “big bad world”. The more they work at communicating via writing, the more confident they will be when they need that particular skill. By encouraging them to write, you are unleashing all of the brilliant creativity that is tucked away in their minds.

For your child to be able to communicate clearly and effectively, they will have to increase their vocabulary. Writing allows them to do just that. They can go to a site like and use the thesaurus to find words that they did not previously know. Children get so excited when they learn new words. This is where you can challenge your child by having them step into the reader’s mind and ask, “how many different ways can you write this sentence using different words that mean the same thing”? Within a couple of weeks their vocabulary will have grown exponentially. It also teaches them about grammar and phrasing. These are life long skills that will help them succeed as an adult.

Make sure you discuss what your rules are for usage of the computer. Some sites are absolutely fabulous and will help your child excel, but there are some sites that are dangerous and should be avoided. Express the importance of Internet safety and keeping their information private from the Internet public. Take a few days and give them a crash course on the pros and cons of having a blog and review the safety rules. You can also set up parental controls on their computer. In the parental controls section, you can choose the level rating (G, PG, and such) as well as choosing which sites they are allowed to go on and block the ones that are inappropriate. Your child’s safety and well-being are your number one priority.

Just as your child must make a commitment to learning and writing, you must also make the commitment to understand and encourage them during this learning process. Blogging (or writing a daily journal for younger children) can be rewarding for both them and you. They will be excited at how much they are learning, you are spending quality time with them, and you get to be their cheerleader. If you show excitement and enthusiasm at how well they are doing, they will want to continue to improve.

Get your child excited to start learning and growing through blogging today. You will be amazed at how much they will learn, how much they will teach you, and how much closer you and your child will become.

Why go to an office every day and “punch the clock”, when you can potentially make the same salary you currently receive or even more by blogging. There are other advantages such as setting your own hours, not having to wear the suit and tie, and have the freedom to attend your child’s soccer game or watch them play in the band at football games. Click here

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